Professional communication with highprofile people

When communicating with VIP passengers, a business aviation flight attendant must take into account many details, including the weather and the usage of other words and expressions.

During the intensive course, you will learn how to communicate with highprofile people correctly, you will also work through usual situations and untypical cases that may occur during interaction.

The main topics
  • The status of the passengers in business aviation. Distinctive qualities of the VIP passenger, picularities of behaviour.
  • Requirements and preferences of VIP passengers. Psychological aspects of interaction.
  • Methods of resolving standard conflicts.
  • Complex situations and methods of their resolution. Algorithms of action in various conflict situations.
  • Taboo words, phrases and expressions.
  • Label use/ patterns of speech means.
  • Service vocabulary used when working with VIP passengers. Correct expressions of feelings and thoughts.
  • Nonverbal communication: facial expressions, kinesics, gestures, voice.
  • Speech techniques and tools for the normalisation of a conflict situation.
Practical work
  • Development of communication skills with VIP-passengers depending on the input data (who accompanies, mood, weather, etc.)
  • Working out methods of conflict resolutions.
  • Training of non-verbal communication usage.