Rules of classical table setting and decoration of dishes in business aviation

Proper table setting and appropriate decor are important elements of creating an atmosphere on board a business jet.

During the intensive course, you will learn the basic principles of table setting and its main types. You will also learn the types of dishes, cutlery, glassware and accessories for various settings and practice how to properly decorate and serve dishes.

The main topics
  • Table setting format: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, buffet and snack bar
  • Cutlery and dishes. Layout and usage
  • Table linen (textiles): tablecloth, napkin, tablecloth- top, table runner. Selection and proper usage
  • Glassware. Glasses, serving dishes
  • Non-verbal signs of the guest at the table
  • The order of service and rules of seating at the table
  • Decor and serving of standard dishes, desserts
Specialized part «Table setting and decor in business aviation»
  • Decoration and serving of standard dishes (Breakfast)
  • Decoration and serving of standard dishes (lunch and dinner)
  • Decorating and serving various desserts, including complex ones