Study the English you need

We have created a professional English course for flight attendants so that you can learn the basic concepts of business aviation or improve your professional level.

The course was developed by active civil and business aviation flight attendants in cooperation with translators and native speakers.

This is not an abstract theory, but the practical glossary prepared by those, working in civil aviation and on business jets and communicating in English every day.

Professional glossary

All necessary glossary for a person working in aviation: the names of crew jobs, items, processes.

Basic sets of phrases and sentences

For all flight stages. Starting from meeting passengers to communicating with ground services after boarding and settling the crew in the hotel

Interviews: questions and details

Situational dialogues before and during interviews and frequently asked questions to applicants

You will benefit from the handbook if
  • you are only applying for a position in aviation, and you need to master the necessary minimum of words and basic expressions quickly and prepare for the interview;
  • you have recently started working as a flight attendant and want to expand your vocabulary;
  • you are planning to move from civil to business aviation and want to get acquainted with the specialized vocabulary.
Basic Basic
  • Professional English handbook
5 000
Optimal Optimal
  • English aviation handbook
  • 3 classes with a tutor
  • CV/Resume in English or Russian
6 500
Expert Expert
  • English aviation handbook
  • 7 lessons with a tutor
  • CV/Resume in English or Russian
  • Interview preparation
9 500

To develop your English language skills, you can also study with our own tutors native speakers teachers, Daivina or Phil.