The work in business aviation is closer than it seems

The SkyAcademy course is a structured and detailed guide for employment and work in business aviation. It contains practical experience, solutions and life hacks of our team, who are active business aviation flight attendants .

Our own method of an independent job search in business aviation
  • secrets of an efficient CV/resume;
  • criteria, used by employers and agencies for evaluating/ assessing/ chosing flight attendants;
  • recommended appearance (clothing, shoes, makeup) for an interview;
  • frequently asked questions (in Russian and English).
Knowledge required for the job in business aviation
  • what should be on board;
  • technology and details of the catering order;
  • examples and descriptions of welcome table;
  • how to communicate correctly with the high-status/ high profile passengers;
  • lists of required products and beverages on board.
Video tours on the most popular business jets
  • the interiors of the aircrafts;
  • features of salons and technical details of different business jets;
  • kitchen design and the characteristics of the household appliances usage;
  • demonstration of operation and control of devices on board. Video tours of the most popular business jets.


ready to useready to use

The course contains experience-tested information with examples and details (up to recommended movies and ways to make tea without a teapot on board).

Используйте, где удобноUse at your convenience

The course is available offline: study in a convenient mode and apply it to work (even when you are on a flight).

Employers and vacanciesEmployers and vacancies

Get information about verified employers and available vacancies: we work with leading agencies, track job offers around the world and immediately publish them in the chat.

Community of flight attendantsCommunity of flight attendants

We have created a special private chat: communicate with colleagues, ask questions, share experiences and support each other.

Improve your EnglishImprove your English

Along with the theoretical course, you will receive a manual in English, which describes the necessary vocabulary and expressions for the business aviation flight attendant work.

Available 24/7Available 24/7

Contact the SkyAcademy team with questions and after the course completion. We are here to help and advise.

The course is suitable for those who:
  • thinking about changing profession and looking for a high-paid job;
  • is already working as a civil aviation as a flight attendant and wants to grow professionally;
  • is dreaming of traveling and is ready for new knowledge.

price list

without a mentor14 990 go to page
with a mentor39 990 go to page
with a leading
59 990 go to page

tariff comparison

Theoretical course for corporate flight attendants
Video tours of the main types of business jets used in business aviation
Testing/ Test at the end of the course and a certificate in two languages
Database of restaurants and catering companies in the world with current menus
Video course “Flight Attendant.The Introduction to the profession”
One offline training of your choise-20%
Written and oral placement test to determine the level of the English language proficiency and written recommendations from the teacher
Manual/ Handbook on professional communication for flight attendants of civil and business aviation
English classes with a native speaker, hours25
Access to your personal account on the site with the ability to create a CV/resume yourself using the available templates
Consultations with the HR specialist, hours24
Your CV/resume is available on the website for employers
Access to the chat with vacancies
Review of your CV/ resume by a SkyAcademy specialist and written recommendations
LinkedIn profile development webinar
A personal consultation with SkyAcademy CEO, 2 options: a video call or personal meeting
A stylist consultation for the selection of an image for a CV/resume photo shoot/ headshot
CV/ resume photoshoot/headshot – 30 mins (10 edited photos)
Breakfasts with SkyAcademy
Audit of LinkedIn profile
Two speech technique and oratory classes
The access to the SkyAcademy private club and information about events
20% discount on all off-site events of the club
To get the consultation