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Business aviation is a fairly closed industry, so it is more difficult to find a job than in sales, for example. However, a proper use of job search tools increases the chances of successful employment.

The social network LinkedIn is one of these tools that is regularly used by approximately 90% of recruiters and HR specialists in order to find employees. Leading aviation companies and representatives of private and corporate jets around the world are registered on this platform and actively look for employees on it.

Discover all the features of the leading professional social network together with Sky Academy experts and increase your chances of becoming a CAF (corporate flight attendant).

Prices and conditions

Profile auditProfile audit

You send us a link to your existing LinkedIn profile.

Within five working days, we make a detailed video analysis of your personal profile, in which we give recommendations for each section.

After you make the recommended changes, we will evaluate your profile once again and give you written feedback if additional adjustments are needed.

Bonus: Olga Silverman's webinar on the basics of creating a professional LinkedIn profile.

8 500
Developing and creating a profileDeveloping and creating a profile

You send us your detailed CV and a professional headshot.

Within five business days, we analyse your professional background and request additional information if necessary.

After that, based on all the materials, we create a new or update an existing LinkedIn profile, which will represent your competencies and personal qualities in the best possible way.

15 000
LinkedIn job Search adviceLinkedIn job Search advice

We agree with you on a convenient date and time for a personal online consultation with Olga Silverman.

During the consultation, you will discuss all the possibilities of LinkedIn for job search and together with Olga will conduct an audit of your profile.

Duration of the consultation: 60 - 90 minutes.

After the consultation, you will receive a record of it and additional useful materials.

17 000
In-depth strategy sessionУглубленная In-depth strategy session

We agree with you on a convenient date and time for a personal online session with Olga Silverman.

During the session:

  • Olga will tell you in detail about the speacial features of using the LinkedIn social network and strategies for developing your profile depending on your goals and objectives;
  • you will jointly formulate your goals for using LinkedIn and identify the tools to achieve them;
  • Olga will conduct a detailed audit of your profile, and together you will correct it online.

Duration of consultation: 90 - 120 minutes.

After the session, you will receive a recording of the session, recommendations for using paid LinkedIn tools, if necessary, and additional useful materials.

29 000
LinkedIn job Search trainingLinkedIn job Search training

A full-fledged video course on using the LinkedIn social network for job search and two personal consultations with Olga Silverman.

The course covers all aspects of working with LinkedIn:

  • correct design and completion of the profile;
  • effective communication with recruiters and employers;
  • ways to promote your profile on a budget;
  • secret tools for job search;
  • filling the profile with content that highlights your achievements and personal qualities.

You get 5 video tutorials with homework, which are designed for 2 weeks of independent comfortable work. Also, during these two weeks, you personally communicate with Olga twice and discuss any questions you might have.

After completing this course, according to the statistics, the probability of receiving a proper serious job offer increases by 6 times.

38 000
Olga Silverman
Your expert: Olga Silverman

CEO of the international Agency for career and business development Silverman Consult (London); career consultant, coach.

Founder of the LinkedIn business support Agency DinaLink.

Ex-HRD, more than 15 years of experience in managing teams: retail (SPAR Russia), construction, manufacturing, wholesale. LinkedIn-mentor of more than 12,000 professionals and business owners’ network ,

Engaged in career counselling since 2004. Conducts individual, open and corporate trainings on LinkedIn since 2015: job change, business development, recruitment, HR branding. Leads a team of business support experts on LinkedIn. Runs her own business from London with clients from 28 countries.

Olga Silverman