Personal consultations with professionals

There are a lot of fears at the beginning of a career in business aviation, for instance, someone is worried about tricky questions at the interview, while others are concerned about how to order and serve food correctly. Some of the information is available in open sources, but you can only get practical experience and work secrets from the professionals in this industry.

This is why we offer a new training format: full-time intensive courses with current business aviation flight attendants. This is the most effective way to study, deep dive into individual topics and ask questions that are not answered on the Internet.

This format is suitable for you if
  • you want to get maximum useful information about the profession of a business aviation flight attendant, without wasting a lot of time
  • you want to further develop individual skills and learn from more experienced colleagues
  • you are nervous before the interview or first flight and want to test yourself and practice together with an experienced flight attendant

You will get acquainted with the necessary set of skills and work out all the stages in detail: resume/CV, interview, flight preparation, the first flight. In addition, after the intensive course, you will have the opportunity to contact our specialists in real time and get any necessary help.

The intensive course is held at a convenient time for you in Moscow and consists of one or two 8 hour- training days, depending on the chosen program.

We cover six parts and you can either choose 3 of them during a day training or cover all six during 2 full days.

Topics that we cover in our intensive course
  • CV/ resume creation or existing CV/resume editing/ correction/ updating make the necessary adjustments together
    guide you through all possible interview scenarios based on your experience
    prepare possible questions related to your CV/ resume content
  • Interview cover all the possible, standard interview types
    discuss vacancies and go over all details
    practice answers to all possible common and tricky interview questions
    share the information regarding existing business aviation airlines and how they conduct interviews (with examples from personal experience)
  • Basics of working in business aviation tell you about what various business jets have onboard
    show examples of how the equipment works on several types of aircraft
    introduce you to the procedure, general rules of operation and service technology
    go through the procedure for transferring an aircraft after a change or after a freelance flight
  • Interaction with passengers learn about business aviation passengers and their behaviour options using real life examples
    analyse popular and frequently encountered psycho types and the corresponding behaviour for each of them
    learn how to identify the main passenger on a flight
    practice correct and polite conflict resolution techniques and ways to avoid conflicts
  • Catering explain the difference between a commercial flight and a private owner jet flights
    present you what are the options for catering and analyse each of them
    practice communication with restaurant and aircraft managers in case of conflict situations
    introduce you to the purchasing process: what and how to order and how to save money if there is a limit
    go through crew meals: what options there are and how to handle
    practice correct food ordering and competent menu setting
  • Table setting and serving observe all the relevant options of serving depending on the conditions of a flight
    cover important features of serving during the flight depending on the flight duration and the number of passengers
    tell you which dishes and products are convenient to use on board, and which ones are better not to order
    practice proper handling of dishes and food before and during the flight

Tuition fee

One-day program
16 000
Two-day program
32 000