1. What is business aviation?

This is a branch of civil aviation. The individual and corporate flights on private or leased aircrafts to anywhere in the world. They are held outside the schedule of regular and Charter flights. Such planes are used by businessmen, politicians, artists and athletes.

2. And what are the duties and responsibilitiesof flight attendants on those flights? Are they the same as on a regular scheduled or chartered flights?

Not really. Business aviation flight attendant is a multitasker, who is fully responsible for each flight.

  • They interact with representatives of the passengers, the airports and crew;
  • independently order food and drinks;
  • prepare the board for a flight, supervise the orders and availabilities of all necessities (slippers, towels, napkins, dishes, etc.);
3. How much are the flight attendants paid? What's the schedule?

The salary of a business aviation flight attendant varies from 2000 to 5000EUR per month, depending on the type of flights performed, the company, qualifications and flight schedule. The schedule is flexible: 2/2, 3/3, month/month and the so-called stand by mode, when the flight attendant is always ready for a departure. They have paid leave twice a year. There may be emergency departures. It all depends on who you work with and fly with.

4. What kind of work experience and education do you need?What if I've never worked as a flight attendant?

Most often, employers do not have any special requirements for education. Of course, flight experience (even in civil aviation) will be an advantage.

5. I'm 19 years old, Will I get a job like this?

We recommend that you try as the standards of appearance and age in business aviation are much more laid back than, for example, on regular airlines. Perhaps the only constant requirement for candidates is a good conversational English.

6. Is the employment official?

In business aviation, there are two types of flights: freelance and permanent. If you are running a freelance flight, you will be signed a one-time contract for one flight. Permanent flights imply a contract for a certain period (or for a certain number of flights). Since agencies or direct customers do not always operate in the Russian jurisdiction, in some cases, the length of service will not be recorded in the Russian working/ employment record.

7. Do you have the educational license?

We provide materials for self-study, conduct webinars and short-term trainings and master classes (1-2 days). For this format of work, the license is not required (Federal law" on education in the Russian Federation " No. 273-FZ).