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My name is Vera, and I am the founder of SkyAcademy. I worked as an engineer-estimator in 2009 and a random friend of mine mentioned once that one can fly on private planes and earn good money. An engineer-estimator, of course, is an important and necessary profession, but traveling around the world and a monthly salary of 3000EUR is a dream job, isn’t?

I spent a year learning English on my own from scratch. I had been working as a flight attendant on regular flights for three years before setting off on my first business flight. Now my flight time is more than 350 flights in business aviation, more than 2,000 hours in civil aviation.

All the information I was looking myself. I did not have any friends from business aviation and the only thing I lacked at the startis a community where I could ask stupid questions of a novice to more experienced flight attendants or get practical instructions on a particular action on the plane.

We give equal opportunities to people who want to work in business aviation, support them and honestly share all the information, experience. Moreover, we share the challenges that we overcame ourselves. These are the main values of our team, which we do not change.

What are we doing:

If you dream of a job that will change your life, and you are looking for the verified information and a friendly community that can help you achieve it, so welcome aboard!


All the entire SkyAcademy team and I believe it is right to help those who are in need. Therefore we transfer a part of our income to the charity “Fund The Help to Children”. You can donate as well. Every donation counts.